Jumping Through All the Hoops

March 30th, 2007 by Rick Drain

There’s a great book out called Start a Successful Mutual Fund; The Step-by-Step Guide to Make It Happen, by Melinda Gerber (2005, JV Books).

It has an excellent discussion of the steps that one has to go through, the time lags waiting for processing, the costs, etc.

Among these steps are
* setting up the corporations (one for the fund advisor, one for each fund),
* getting an account with NASD,
* filing registration forms for SEC review,
* arranging service providers,
* creating marketing materials,
* get a CUSIP issued,
* apply to platforms (ie, Schwab, e-Trade),
* apply to Rating Agencies,
* submitting marketing materials for SEC approval,
* get a ticker assigned,

and GO!