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Beyond naming to branding

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

The MF’s name, Longsplice Investments, is the main marketing public face of the company.
A mutual fund “company” is actually a collection of companies. Separate and “hired by” Longsplice will be the advisory company: Rick Drain & Associates, or something like that, TBD.
The newsletter will remain my personal opinion forum, and will keep the name Capital Drain even as it becomes a property of RD&A.

I’ve got the new website set up, . I have, if not a proper logo, at least a set of images I can use to symbolize the fund. I’ve got business cards. Woohoo. Tomorrow I’ll dash downtown to do the business license stuff.

Before leaving the naming topic, here are some more of the LONG list of values, synonyms, concepts, & keywords I considered:
* progressive
* weighing
* liberte, egalite, fraternite
* spyglass, crows’ nest
* sextant