A stronger America starts with American workers

February 18th, 2011 by Rick Drain

“I’m standing with the teachers, nurses, social workers, and everyone battling Wisconsin’s terrible anti-worker bill. If you’re with me, please spread the word.”

You may wonder why.テつ Aren’t those public union people overpaid?
It depends.
Recall that we’ve all learned that American workers in aggregate have been losing ground economically for more than a decade.テつ Coincidentally, union membership as a percentage of the workforce has fallen.
Public workers are doing well compared to non-union workers, it’s true.
The false assumption is that public workers should be knocked down to match the (steadily losing ground) private sector workers.テつ That policy will only create more losses for the working class, and more spread between the highest earning people and the lowest-earning workers.
If you really want an American economy that’s edging toward a system of serfs and wealth-holders, then by all means break the unions, and start in Wisconsin.

I want an America with a strong, prosperous, well-compensated middle class.テつ In an ideal world we’d (somehow) get that without labor unions, but history gives no such examples.テつ To get there, we have to give labor the tools to improve their bargaining position.

In the longer run, the economy and the country will benefit.