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A bi-partison DISCUSSION. (Not a food fight.)

Friday, July 29th, 2011

This is long (by modern ADD twitterfied standards) but it’s a complex issue, and these two guys, a liberal and a conservative, do a good job of discussing the debt ceiling, the debt, and the economy.テつテつ It’s an outtake from the Charlie Rose show.

テつ“This is how people on the different sides of the political fence agree and disagree.テつ They disagree on the how and when but not on the reality of the numbers and the fact that it needs to be fixed. “

(It’s my first time trying to post an embedded video, so if it doesn’t work, please be kind.)

July 2011 Capital Drain newsletter is ready

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011


I’ve just sent out the July 2011 Capital Drain newsletter.テつ If you’re on the direct mailing list for that, you should be receiving it now.

If you’re not yet on the list, but would like to be, send me an email.

If you’re just not ready to commit, but want to sample the experience, 沽 you can follow this link:テつ July 2011 CapDrain.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Unfinished Business, or Prologue to Another Crash

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Barry Ritholtz has put together a masterpiece annotated summary of what we’ve learned about the Too Big To Fail giant banks, and what we have not done with that knowledge, and how it’s going to haunt us.

Without further introduction,
Break Up the Giant Banks NOW (Before They Drag the World Economy Down)

Economic Recovery through mid-2011

Thursday, July 14th, 2011