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Celebrate Labor Day: Empower Labor

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Labor Day is not just a last great chance for a picnic and family fun in the sun.

It is a national holiday dedicated to the working people who have made this country great. We need our visionaries and our financiers, to be sure. Without The People, the multitude of average working people, our great national achievements would still be unbuilt blueprints.

In the past 30 years, the working public’s share of the American Dream Pie has been shrunken drastically. Even as corporate profits soar and new billionaires are minted, most of our 300+ million citizens have seen their standard of living stop rising, then start falling.

This is not inevitable. It was a result of bad political decisions that started in the 1980s and have gotten worse. We need to reverse that.

Here’s a quick Labor Day video message from former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich:

How Workers Can Get a Fair Shake

If you agree with what Reich proposes, please follow this link to sign a petition to Washington.


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