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A New Home Port

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Alameda_city_flag 2

Longsplice Investments is now happily licensed for business in our new home port, the city (and island) of Alameda, California.


Alameda color-seal-bluerim2-96dpi-02

The motto on the city Seal translates “Prosperity on Land and Sea”.

OK, that’s a good goal to pursue, responsibly.


Formerly, we were at Pete’s Harbor in Redwood City, but that harbor has been closed to make way for condos. Progress is not always pretty. Boaters and neighborhood activists are still working to keep a public-access marina as part of the new development.

Another good book on mutual funds

Monday, July 7th, 2008

I just found another very helpful book, “The Mutual Fund Business, 2nd Edition,” by Robert C. Pozen. It is structured as a textbook, with the author’s text, readings from academic papers, review questions, and case studies. It’s long, but well-organized, well-written, and comprehensive.

While I’m on the subject, a book I read recently which I do not recommend was “Getting Started in Hedge Funds,” by Daniel A. Strachman. It had some interesting insider anecdotes, but in general it was too simple-minded and, even though it was easily skimmed, not worth the trouble.

Jumping Through All the Hoops

Friday, March 30th, 2007

There’s a great book out called Start a Successful Mutual Fund; The Step-by-Step Guide to Make It Happen, by Melinda Gerber (2005, JV Books).

It has an excellent discussion of the steps that one has to go through, the time lags waiting for processing, the costs, etc.

Among these steps are
* setting up the corporations (one for the fund advisor, one for each fund),
* getting an account with NASD,
* filing registration forms for SEC review,
* arranging service providers,
* creating marketing materials,
* get a CUSIP issued,
* apply to platforms (ie, Schwab, e-Trade),
* apply to Rating Agencies,
* submitting marketing materials for SEC approval,
* get a ticker assigned,

and GO!

Making it real

Monday, March 26th, 2007

It occurs to me that trademark registration is almost an obsolete concept.

While I was trying to find a name, my tool for discarding unavailable names was Google, backed up by checking to see which internet domains (URL base names) were registered. If a name comes up in a google, it scarely matters whether the name is formally trademarked. It is TAKEN.

I’ve now taken LongspliceInvestments.com, as well as 14 other domains that are close enough that people might go there by accident (ie, LongspliceInvestment.com (singular Investment) or LongspliceInvestments.biz, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.)

Now I’m quickly whipping out a simple logo, then business cards, then finally back from this marketing digression to my portfolio business.